Monday, April 30, 2012

Week 7

We are on to Week 7...More then half way there!!!!  I hope you all are seeing the changes in your life as well as your health..

The challenge a couple of weeks ago was a moutain calimber/situp/plank combo..  The only one to try this that I know of was Valerie Spencer, who is Jamie's Daughter.  (she's 12 so keep that in mind:))  She finished it in 12 minutes and change!  Awesome work Val.  And I bet you didn't hurt as much as I did:)!!!

This week the challenge is:

100 meter sprint (run as fast as you can)
15 bench jumps (at the park or you can find a box or a short wall least 15-20 inches)
10 pushups
5 burbees

Go for 15 minutes and let me know how many rounds you completed!!

Let's finish strong ladies!!  Very proud of you!!

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