1.  What is considered 'fast food'..are we talking about greasy fast food or do the salads and rice bowl type things count as well?

Many healthy items on a fast food menu can still be very bad for you.  Salads are a major player with this, but with everything that they add and then the dressing it is almost as many calories as a sandwich.  The best thing to do is to eat at home and prepare before you go out with snacks in your car/bag.  So let's just say NO FAST FOOD; other then the day you choose to use your free point

2.  When do we email you the points?

Every Monday evening/Tuesday morning I will need your points.  Just leave a comment on the blog or email me with 'challenge' in the subject line

3.  Since one of the things is no sugar and one is no unhealthy snacks...if I have a cookie does that mean I messed up on both?  Or to mess up on both would I have to have brown sugar on my oatmeal and a cookie/chips.  Also, wouldn't having soda cancel out all 3 because it is soda, has sugar, and also an unhealthy snack..(sorta)

They are into three categories because that gives us a little wiggle room.

Soda is by itself.  If you drink it then it only counts as the soda point

If you eat a cookie, brownie, pie, etc..that counts only as sugar

If you eat brown sugar on oatmeal, then that counts as sugar

If you eat chips, friend food, gold fish, ritz crackers, etc..that counts as unhealthy snacks

4.  Is it NO SUGAR period.  Or is it no sweets and sugary snacks?

More towards the sugary snacks and sweets.  This includes sugar cereals or anything sweetened with LOTS of sugar like craisins..

If your whole wheat pancakes ask for 2 Tbs of sugar then that is okay...

5.  What about soda?  Does Diet count or even caffeine free?

It is all soda..If you cannot go off of it, at least switch to Diet and if you do diet then switch to caffeine free diet...THIS DOES NOT COUNT TOWARDS YOUR WATER POINT



6.  What counts as Exercise?

In order for you to get your exercise point you will need to actually exercise.   We are trying to make this a great habit for you and then also for you to promote it within your own family.  Gardening, moving, grocery shopping, mopping on your hands and knees etc..DOES NOT count.

Yoga, Gyms, Running, Riding your bike, Exercise video, even the Wii Fit, Swimming laps, Lifting weights, resistance training etc...Count

Your goal is to raise your heart rate for starters to about 130; for those that have been exercising a while 145-160 bpm...


the only day that counts as light movement is Sunday.....

***If you have any other questions, please email me and we will get them answered***