Challenge lasts 10 weeks March 19 thru May 21.  Look at it this way..It is a jump start for summer!

---Everyone that wants to participate needs to contribute a prize.  I'm not going to set a price value because all of us have different financial situations.  Just make sure that it is something that you would be excited about receiving!

Examples of Prizes--
So many of you are so creative, you are welcome to make something.  You can also contribute a gift card to your favorite store....we all love Target!  You can also contribute a service that you provide, i.e. hair, massage, painting, floral design, cake making, sewing etc....  If you want to you can even contribute cold hard cash.  You decide what you want to contribute and let me know and I will keep a running list of all prizes, if you can send me a pic so that I can post it on the site for everyone to see!

-At the end of 10 weeks we will each get a prize.  The person with the highest score will get to pick their prize first then the next etc..  That way we all are winning something.

--There are 10 possible points a day.  You get 1 point for each wellness guideline that you accomplish.  Your weekly goal is 70 points.

--FREE POINTS:  YOU ONLY GET 1FREE POINT IN EACH CATEGORY, EACH WEEK.  For example:  One day a week you could choose to skip the exercising, but you would still get a point--if you miss it just once.  This is the same for each category.  Or, you might choose to have one free day!  However, these are not ROLL-OVER points.  Un-used free point will be lost at the end of each week.

--Wellness Week is Monday to Sunday

--Points for each week need to be emailed or posted for me to input by Tuesday.

*Sunday will be considered a light 'exercise' day.  Playing tag or kicking the ball around outside with the kids will count, even taking a nice Sunday stroll around the block.  It is the ONLY day that sweating is not required:)

*Birthdays are a free day and if your birthday is not during this time then choose another day

*You area allowed 3 sick days (if you are truly sick) when you do not need to exercise or follow the water/veggie/fruit rule (if you cannot eat)

*Free points for specific holidays
    Mother's Day

These are extra on top of your already free weekly points