Send me pics and a little description and I will put you on here for all of us to know who you are!

Somebody has asked if they can do this as a before and after for their 11 weeks.  That is fine send me your pic before and after...While this isn't a 'weight loss' challenge it is a healthy lifestyle challenge and as they say it takes 90 days to form a good habit and hopefully the good habits will stay with us

Hi, I'm Natalie and I have 4 kids, 3 boys and 1 girl.  I have been married to Heather's brother K.C. for 10 loooong years, (just kidding)  I am excited to get a jumpstart on this, our youngest is 4 months old and I want some normalcy back...Good Luck Everyone!

__Hey everyone, I'm Sierra! I, too, hate photos of myself but I like this it's what you're getting! :) I'm excited to make some changes and hoping this little challenge will be a good jump-start for more healthy changes down the road! Good luck to everyone!
My name is Jamie.  I've been married for nearly 14 years to my high school sweetie, and we have 2 beautiful children.  I hate seeing pictures of myself, so this is about the only photo I have of just me.  I recently started doing CrossFit, and after just 2 months, I'm already seeing major improvements.  I decided to join in this challenge to help push me towards my goals.  I think the hardest thing for me to do is set aside the time for myself.  Fortunately, I have a great husband and super kids who really encourage me.  I've set little goals for myself along the way of my weightloss journey, and when each is acheived, I give myself a reward.  One of my rewards will be a day at the spa all to myself!  I can't way!  Good luck to you all!
(from heather:) PS:  THIS IS MY BEST FRIEND FROM 7th GRADE!!!!

My name is Haley and I'm 10 (almost 11) mom is making me do this so I can learn to be healthy and not have so much sugar.  I also want to beat her at this..

My name is Briauna and I have been married a little over 2 years and have 2 children 13 months apart. When I saw the picture that was taken of me I was disgusted with myself, I say that in a way that doesn't mean I don't love myself I just know I have a lot of work to do to get myself healthy so I can play with my kids without being tired and worn out and also i want to wear my non pregnant clothes again. My sister is Heather and between her my mom and my mother-in-law i have support and butt kickers. So I plan on winning because if I make a goal and see results then I am encouraged to keep pushing and going harder.

My name is Lenette and I am the mother of six and grandmother of 20. I work for a doctors office and enjoy bleeding money out of old people. Just kidding :) I love spending time with my family and I enjoy watching movies and taking care of my parents. I am excited for this challenge, and hope to see long lasting results for a longer life with quality

Here is a picture of me with my sweetheart of 34 years.  I have 4 boys - 3 granddaughters and 1 grandson.
I'm hoping to get healthier to stave off the mid-life extra inches i'm accumulating and to have more energy!

Hi, I'm  Pam. I really don't like to see photos of me, I am so much cuter in my mind. Starting this challenge is exciting to me. I have been living on Diet Dr. Pepper and Hersheys chocolate. I really don't care about getting older, I am 53, and I am ok with that. I am not ok with getting so large. I am playful at heart, and I want my body to cooperate as long as it can, so I had better be nicer to it. I  have been married for 32 years, I have been blessed with 6 children. Only one still lives at  home with us. We have 10 grandchildren. I think that as long as we give this our best, we will all be winners. Let the games begin

My name is Faith and I have been trying to eat healthier but I am not doing as well as I would like. I want to help my family eat healthier also. I have been married 3 years and have 2 little girls. I also want to get rid of the extra baby weight. Doing this with a group is great motivation